Humble Monthly Bundle – November 2015 – Reveal and Rate

Humble Monthly Bundle – Did it deliver?

Humble Monthly Bundle is a new monthly service from awesome cheap game distributor Humble Bundle that features a selection of mystery games for a $12.99 price tag. Like many other gamers I was sceptical. Having been a buyer of the other Humble Bundles for under a year, I already had a Steam backlog of around four hundred games and wasn’t sure Humble could deliver on their promises of a good monthly bundle that I would like.

I was drawn in by the offer of a AAA game as I actually don’t have very many top tier titles on the PC yet and figured that Humble would give the best games in the first two months to draw Gamers in. Click on the cut to see if Humble Bundle was able to deliver or if it fell flat as predicted. Continue reading Humble Monthly Bundle – November 2015 – Reveal and Rate

Steam Gems – Coin Crypt Featurette

Steam Gems – Coin Crypt

This time I’m offering up a review on a Steam Gem from my own personal list of over 400 games. This Indie Title had me coming back again and again. It has ‘Very Positive’ Steam Reviews, but despite this not a lot of Gamers I talk to have heard of it.

Coin Crypt Loquacious Lorna Banner
Have you ever had the sneaking suspicious that your Grandma may be hiding something? If you did I’ve got something a heck of a lot more likely to amuse you than that terrible new M. Night Shyamalan movie. Coin Crypt is described as a rogue-lite deckbuilder, but don’t let that description fool you. What Coin Crypt actually is, is a monster in disguise; an unexpected, addictive little git that will worm it’s way into your heart and leave you wanting more. The Grandma? Well, we’ll get to that. As for Mr Shyamalan, I have only one one thing to say to that guy.

Tyra Rooting for you Loquacious Lorna
Never forget.


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Arcade Block October 2015 Reveal.

Arcade Block October 2015 Reveal.

Arcade Block

Arcade Block is a monthly subscription box that is run by Nerd Block costing $19.95 (US) a month (plus shipping) which delivers assorted geekery and fandom goodies to its subscribers. From Nerd Block you can also subscribe to many other themed boxes, including Horror Block and Comic Block. I actually wasn’t expecting to receive anything. Having signed up for their Welcome Box and being disappointed (items from the welcome box are currently for sale on my Ebay, linked to the left) I had cancelled, but I guess it didn’t take in time. Thankfully, because the first item I reveal below the cut, blew my mind!

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Steam Controller Review

Steam Controller Review – Local Co-op not so hot

  When it works, the Steam controller is a marvel. The box and packaging are beautiful, easily feeling as special and exciting as any new Apple product. A cute cardboard wraparound showed the details of the inside of the controllers, something I can only enjoy visually but that might actually prove useful to the more tech-savvy amongst us. The setup was quick and painless and each game had settings to customise the experience and make everything how you want it. With any new technology there’s going to be a learning curve and as someone with no dexterity and bad memory I experience this even switching from one console to another. The Steam controller was no exception.

Steam controller
The Steam controller features two ‘Haptic’ feedback mouse control pads to allow users to emulate keyboard and mouse controls.

  One issue I noticed was that the gamepad’s B button was closer to where the Xbox 360 controller’s A button was, making me constantly press the B button under the assumption that it was in fact the A button. In time, I’m sure I’ll adjust to that however and it’s hardly Valve’s fault. I might prefer the haptic gamepad and the buttons switch places, but I’m sure many configurations were tested and this was found to be the smartest. The haptic pad itself gave feedback as intended and was just as smooth and easy to use as described by early reviewers. I absolutely loved the addition of the easily clickable buttons on the underside of the hand grips and the positioning and ease of use of the triggers. As someone who’d experienced finger strain from PS3 controller triggers in the past, I felt Steam’s version to be a lot more gentle on the old digits. Continue reading Steam Controller Review