How to get free stuff on the internet Part 1

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Subtitle: Frugal and moneymaking advice for cheap losers like me

Hey don’t take offence, I’m a cheap loser too! Ask any Scottish person and they’ll tell you, we have a well deserved reputation for being frugal (thrifty, skinflints, cheapskites). Whatever you want to call it, I see it as a badge of pride. Recently, during a time off work for health reasons, I learned a lot more about the frugal lifestyle than even I had previously known. Several friends were curious about how I maintained my luxurious lifestyle.

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Pictured: My Luxurious Lifestyle (Photo by Jamiecat)

One of those way is product testing, so I decided to share that knowledge with you.

Keep in mind, that what works for me isn’t going to be the same for everybody. For a start, I’m in Canada, Quebec specifically, so I have a lot less options than most Canadians (outside Quebec) or Americans as many companies don’t take time to implement French or adhere to special laws for my province or country. So once you get into it, you might find some amazing sites or recommendations that I don’t list here! Feel free to drop ’em in the comments. Some people work and have less time, that’s ok, try things out and find what you have the time and the brain for, you might surprise yourself with how much money you save.

At the bottom of the article I’m also gonna be throwing down some handy tips to remember when getting your save on through the interwebs.

This week we’re going to be talking about Product Testing Opportunities! So, without further ado, here it is (in order of preference):

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Steam Gems – Coin Crypt Featurette

Steam Gems – Coin Crypt

This time I’m offering up a review on a Steam Gem from my own personal list of over 400 games. This Indie Title had me coming back again and again. It has ‘Very Positive’ Steam Reviews, but despite this not a lot of Gamers I talk to have heard of it.

Coin Crypt Loquacious Lorna Banner
Have you ever had the sneaking suspicious that your Grandma may be hiding something? If you did I’ve got something a heck of a lot more likely to amuse you than that terrible new M. Night Shyamalan movie. Coin Crypt is described as a rogue-lite deckbuilder, but don’t let that description fool you. What Coin Crypt actually is, is a monster in disguise; an unexpected, addictive little git that will worm it’s way into your heart and leave you wanting more. The Grandma? Well, we’ll get to that. As for Mr Shyamalan, I have only one one thing to say to that guy.

Tyra Rooting for you Loquacious Lorna
Never forget.


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Lorna Loves – Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid lipstick by theBalm cosmetics.

Meet Matt(e) Hughes
Matt Hughes likes milkshakes and pretty shades of pink.

  Now at this point you probably have some questions, like who exactly is Matt Hughes and why is this lipstick named after him or why is this strange lady telling me about this stuff? Well if you’re on my blog I can presume you already know the answer to question two, but just for kicks and giggles, here it is. Lorna Loves is going to be an ongoing segment for me to rant about products that I adore. They must be rated four or five Lornas to qualify. Every review and article featured on my website will be my own, honest, unforced opinion and if the product was sent to me for free in exchange for a review I will always mention it in the article. Furthermore, I’ll never mislead you, even if I was given a complimentary product, all opinions are my own and will remain so; ain’t nobody got time to be a corporate puppet, foo’.

Pro Tip: If you prefer to skip straight to the rating and a handy list of pros and cons of the product, go to the bottom of the article!

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