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My cat Cornelius is very, very sick and my absence of articles lately has been due to this. I’m currently working on a new blog post, but in the meantime I would greatly appreciate it if you could check out or share my fundraising post to help fund his vet bills.

Please help us and Cornelius

Thank you so much.

5 Must Have items for Indoor Cats

When adopting a cat for the first time, most people know the essentials such as food and water, but often overlook how much a cat actually needs. Quite a lot of times I hear people talk about how cats are easier to care for and more independent, but that is often not the case, especially for indoor cats. You can experience a lot of stressors from having a new indoor cat if you expected a bundle of love and got something more akin to living with an alien being.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. But keep in mind that you have only a little control over the personality of the cat you get and often cats personalities can change as they grow, especially if they are a kitten when you get them. Cat’s who’ve been abused can also develop particular quirks, so make sure you’re well researched before you bring you darling home with you.

So to ease off some of the planning burden at least, I’m going to list you five must have items for Indoor cats. Your mileage may vary in terms of cost and you certainly don’t need to buy the best of everything right away, but these items will make your life a lot easier and your cat a lot happier.

Cornelius relaxed must have new indoor cat loquacious Lorna
Look at how happy and relaxed this cute little fluffer is!

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