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15 Cat Themed products you need in your life

Cat themed items Loquacious Lorna
As the owner of three cats, I don’t consider myself a cat person. I’ve always been an animal person. In fact, I used to be afraid of cats for quite a while after my grandmother’s cat bit me. My theory is that people who love animals can generally have great affection for any type of animal, they just need to learn how to be around them. In my case, with the notable exception of insects and arachnids. I have a massive phobia of those, I’m totally aware of how stupid it is, but it persists. Yes, even butterflies.


Bart butterfly Cat themed Loquacious Lorna
Nobody ever suspects the butterfly!

I digress; I love animals. Cats and dogs and many more. For some reason, though, cat printed stuff is always so much more adorable than stuff with doggy designs. So in no particular order, here are fifteen cat themed items that I need right this moment. Universe, are you listening? Send them to me!



Cat themed Cat print umbrella New Look Loquacious Lorna

1. Black Cat Print Umbrella – New Look (Ships Worldwide) – £9.99


Cat themed Candies Avery bacpack Kohls Loquacious Lorna

2. Candie’s Avery Cat in Glasses Cargo Backpack – Kohl’s (US) –  $24.00 (On sale)

Ready to Stare Cat Eye sunglasses Cat themed Loquacious Lorna Ready to Stare Cat Eye sunglasses Cat themed Loquacious Lorna model

3. Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses Ready to Stare (Ships worldwide)$12.00


Cat themed Crying at the party patch Stay at home club Loquacious Lorna

4. Crying at the Party Iron-On Patch Stay Home Club (Ships worldwide)$4.89


Cat Themed Wooden Cat Earrings JuneDesignCo Loquacious Lorna

5. Wooden Cat Earrings JuneDesignCo (Ships worldwide)$9.75CAD

Cat Themed Maneki neko TheCuriousNeedle Loquacious Lorna

6. Lucky Cat Pencil Case TheCuriousNeedle (Ships worldwide)$17.79CAD

Cat themed ilikeCATSDon't fucking tell me Badge Loquacious Lorna

7. Angsty Cat Badge ilikeCATSshop (Ships worldwide)$5.21CAD

Cat themed TUK floral kitty sneakers boot Loquacious Lorna Cat themed TUK floral kitty sneakers boot Loquacious Lorna


8. Floral Kitty Sneaker Boot T.U.K (Ships worldwide)$55.97 (On sale)

Cat themed Stayhomeclub t-shirt Loquacious Lorna

9. Stay Home Club Loose Tee Stay Home Club (Ships worldwide)$27.10

Cat themed mug better life LoquaciousLorna

10. ‘I Work Hard so my Cat Can Have a Better Life’ Mug TheCraftyEngineerx (Ships worldwide)$20.53CAD

Cat Themed Dotted post Earrings LoquaciousLorna

11. Dotted Post Earrings – CatsKnotsKnits (Ships worldwide)$18.48CAD


Cat themed enamel pink Loquacious Lorna

12. Pink Enamel Cat Pin ilikeCATSshop (Ships worldwide)$14.58CAD

Cat themed lights modcloth LoquaciousLorna Cat themed lights modcloth LoquaciousLorna Cat themed lights modcloth LoquaciousLorna

13. Luminosity Thrilled the Cat String Lights ModCloth (Ships worldwide)$21.99

cat themed butts purse chocottejapan LoquaciousLorna

14. Cat Butt Cosmetic Purse chocotteJapan (Ships worldwide)$33.43CAD

Mercat brooch Tinyhobo Loquacious Lorna

15. Mermeow the Feline Mermaid Brooch TheTinyHobo (Ships worldwide)$8.21CAD


What are your favourite cat themed items? Tell me in the comments below!

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Cat themed Cat army Loquacious Lorna
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