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Loot Crate Reveal – October 2015 – Time.

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box costing $19.95 (US) a month which delivers assorted geekery and fandom goodies to its subscribers. It comes with an optional add-on of Lvl Up; giving further accessories for a separate payment. I’m currently not subscribed to Level Up, but that could change at any moment! Each month Loot Crate comes with a different theme. October’s theme is Time. I was reasonably interested in the Time theme, though I suspected there would be nothing that would be a must have item for me. Loot Crate heavily hinted at items from Back to the Future, Doctor Who and Bill and Ted; none of which are my ‘fandom’ though I know of all of them quite well. So what exactly was contained in October’s crate?

(Loot Crate October)

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure T-shirt.

I most extremely agree, Bill. (Loot Crate October)
This is a most Excellent Loot, Ted.

   I could not be more excited about this item. For those who don’t know, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the far superior sequel (Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey) are movies from the late 80’s and early 90’s. They focus on two dimwitted friends and their adventures through time amongst other things. Starring Keanu Reeves in one of his first mainstream roles (and arguably the one that catapulted him to fame) the movies don’t hold up that well today. They still have a charm, but it’s mostly nostalgia based and doesn’t measure up to the more sophisticated humor we’ve grown used with a much faster pace. Although it does lack much of the vulgarity of today’s humour although there’s a single homophobic slur in the movie. While this was completely normal at the time, by today’s standards it makes you wonder why they didn’t remove it from the DVD or Netflix edition. Despite this, it was one of my favourite movies growing up and I still absolutely adore the ‘Be Excellent to Each Other’ catchphrase. Hands up if you picked the Wyld Stallyn compliment in Saints Row!

Loot Rating: Five LORNAS out of five!

 Bobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobble

 Loot Crate EXCLUSIVE Doc Brown Funko Pop – Back to The Future

Great Scott! (Loot Crate October)
Exclusive Dr. Emmet Brown Pop! Figurine by Funko.

(Loot Crate October) (Loot Crate October)
Do he got the booty? (Loot Crate October)

   My parents love Back to the Future and I grew up watching those movies right along with them. Despite this I’m not really as into it as everyone else around me seems to be, but the real problem for me is that this is an exclusive. Looking at the back of the box, I prefer the non-exclusive Dr Emmett Brown figure. The hair on this one is a lot neater and the brown eyebrow floating in the middle of nowhere without a second eyebrow (Edit: According to a smart Redditor it is in fact a scar, whoops) looked kind of off to me. That being said, I know people love their Pops and this being exclusive means it’s a great collector’s item. For that reason I’m gonna give it a bit of a higher rating than my personal feelings on this exclusive figurine.

Loot Rating: Three LORNAS out of five!

Bobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobbleFrom the Dark WorldFrom the Dark World





Loot Crate EXCLUSIVE Doctor Who Spork

Don't blink! (Loot Crate October)
It’s more of a wibbly wobbly spoony forky spork.

My phone did this weird thing and turned it green. (Loot Crate October) Check out the delish packaging. Nom nom. (Loot Crate October)

   Yet another Loot Crate exclusive (can’t get this one anywhere else folks) and October’s promised Doctor Who item. It should be noted that an identical set of Dr Who cutlery exists, but it’s lacking a spork. So technically this is an ‘exclusive’, but unless you’re bonded to the idea of a spork you can still purchase a similar product online or at your local geekery store. A good item, but another ‘meh’ for me, as I really lack a desire to eat with a Dr Who themed item. Would have preferred some sort of Tardis, but I know a lot of people who’ll get a kick out of this and it was a really fun novelty item!

Loot Rating: Four LORNAS out of five –

Bobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobbleFrom the Dark World


Loot Crate EXCLUSIVE 1:5 scale replica HoverBoard – Back to the Future II

NO HOVERBOARDING! (Loot Crate October)


   Hot diggety dawg, this one’s a doozy. What a super cool item and exclusive to boot. Yes, it’s the famed HoverBoard, one that works like floating skateboard. Every nerd and their mother has been trying to make a real version of this technology work in time for the date portrayed (hello today) in Back to the Future, but failed. This sweet little replica comes with a certificate of authenticity too. Very nice display item for fans of the movie!

Loot rating: Five LORNAS out of five!

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   As always, when receiving Loot Crate, subscribers are treated to some extra items. So here’s my ratings for this month’s box, badge and Loot Crate magazine:

Bill and Ted Themed Box

All of history is here, plus George Carlin. (Loot Crate October)
Lookit how cute they are!

   This cute orange and blue display box features Bill, Ted, Abraham Lincoln, Billy the Kid, Socrates, Sigmund Freud, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, Beethoven, Napoleon and Rufus (George Carlin) with a guest appearance by their time travelling phone box! (Inspired by Dr Who perhaps?) Amazing! I’m so in love with October’s box design I almost wish I hadn’t just updated my figurine display, cause I’d love to find some way to integrate this. I’m definitely going to do something with it though, so leave your suggestions in the comments!

Box rating – Five LORNAS out of five –

Bobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobble




 Other extras

Because they are so forgettable. (Loot Crate October)
I almost forgot to photograph these

Loot Crate Button

Honestly, I hate these things. I get that they want us to advertise them, but I find the designs boring or frequently ugly. I’d rather just have a fandom badge. Gimme a Marceline the Vampire Queen button pleeeease. Or for ‘Time’, we could have had a Cyndi Lauper button!

After all this time? ....Always.
After all this time? …Always.

Does anybody actually enjoy these monthly buttons?


Loot Crate Time Magazine

   Even though I enjoyed the articles introducing us to the Loot Crate team, I still felt like this month’s Zine was a little on the light side. For me the highlight was the flowchart helping you to pinpoint your favourite Doctor; they got mine spot on!

You'd think I could steal at least one of his hearts.
You’d think I could steal at least one of his hearts.

Magazine and button Rating – Two LORNAS out of five

Bobble bobbleBobble bobbleFrom the Dark WorldFrom the Dark WorldFrom the Dark World





This month’s crate is one of the best I’ve received. While none of the fandoms (other than Bill and Ted) made me jump with joy, I know a bunch of nerds who would be mega stoked to have this stuff in their crate. Finally having a t-shirt and Funko Pop again was a big step up and a solution to a lot of the complaints I heard about those two products being missing. Let’s face it, three exclusive items is just great. The value for money on October’s crate is particularly good, given the t-shirt and exclusive items. If you didn’t get this month’s, I feel you definitely missed out. Subscribe to Loot Crate here to be in time for November’s Crate (theme yet to be announced).

October Loot Crate Score – Four LORNAS out of five.

Bobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobbleBobble bobbleFrom the Dark World


Value for money – Five LORNAS out of five.

It ain't easy being greenIt ain't easy being greenIt ain't easy being greenIt ain't easy being greenIt ain't easy being green





All opinions are my own, always 100 percent honest. I received no compensation for this review and Loot Crate is something I pay for out of my own money. If you have any suggestions or comments for next month’s unboxing, please leave a message below; I’d love to hear from you guys.

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