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DIY for Clumsies – Soap Dispenser Fail

Sometimes we see things on the internet. Sometimes we want to try those things out. This segment chronicles the journey of one incredibly non-dexterous woman’s attempts to make beautiful things, often to disastrous results.

DIY Soap Dispenser Fail
Sometimes they cannot be unseen, try as we might….

In which there is a DIY fail with a Soap Dispenser

So lately I bought a super cute soap dispenser…which does not pump soap very well. Wish I’d seen those reviews before I paid $15 dollars in store, seriously, do not buy this. One of my favourite things about this new soap bottle was the seethrough aspect. I love being able to see when the soap is about to run out and since I buy a nice pale purple brand of soap, it looked aces. Anyway, I had a brainwave. How awesome would it look to have some little plastic stars floating in the soap like little galaxies? I just happened to have some  extra adorable plastic stars on my person (ripe for gluing onto my homemade Mario Kart trophies for my next party); so I popped them into the soap.

DIY soap dispenser fail
Ooooh Shiny.


Now those of you who understand basic science (congrats on your big brain, nerd) can tell me what happened next.

DIY soap dispenser fail

Yes, that’s right, solids tend to be heavier than liquids. My stars sunk. They sunk low, man and they sunk far. Apparently in my excitement, I totally forgot that. So the next morning when I came into the bathroom and saw them in the bottom of the soap container, all sad and sinky…my little Scottish heart broke.


DIY Soap dispenser fail Starfall
“Waily-waily-waily!” – Someone Scottish probably.

And that’s the story of how my triumph turned to failure, like bitter ashes in the stove of my victory.

What’s your biggest DIY fail?

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