5 Visually Stunning Movies About Love you must see


Love has been an inspiration to artists for decades, driving them to madness, ruin and sometimes against all odds; success. When it comes to filmakers, they aren’t an exception to this rule. Some of the most touching, highly lauded movies of our lifetime tell stories of love. Love is everywhere in cinema from the passionate romance of lovers, unable to be together to the guilty, sexually charged tale of an illicit affair between two people married to someone else. Even the deepest parts of a marriage, held together by little more than a thread of hope, have been shown on our screens to great effect.

Yet love is so much more than just romance or passion. There’s the love between a family, a father desperate to hold onto his children, two sisters standing shoulder to shoulder, protecting their own. Love is so unique and varied that it’s impossible not to be fascinated by it in each of it’s myriad forms. So in honor of St Valentine’s Day having just passed by let’s celebrate some visually stunning movies that probably wouldn’t exist without the theme that runs through them:


Visually stunning movies about love loquacious lorna
Credit for original image to: Priscila Tonon Ramos.

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Loot Crate Reveal – October 2015 – Time.

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box costing $19.95 (US) a month which delivers assorted geekery and fandom goodies to its subscribers. It comes with an optional add-on of Lvl Up; giving further accessories for a separate payment. I’m currently not subscribed to Level Up, but that could change at any moment! Each month Loot Crate comes with a different theme. October’s theme is Time. I was reasonably interested in the Time theme, though I suspected there would be nothing that would be a must have item for me. Loot Crate heavily hinted at items from Back to the Future, Doctor Who and Bill and Ted; none of which are my ‘fandom’ though I know of all of them quite well. So what exactly was contained in October’s crate?

(Loot Crate October)

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