Review: Furbliss Silicone Pet Brush

Recently I was given a chance to try the unique looking Furbliss Silicone Pet Brush in exchange for my feedback and review. Part of what makes me a good product tester is that I know that every product is not right for every person, so I try and give as much information on the pros and cons as I can, so you can decide if this is right for you. My cats personally loved it, but read on to see if it might be right for you.
Furbliss cat brush
Here’s what your Furbliss will look like when it arrives
Furbliss cat brush
There’s plenty of information on the back.

I have three cats, each with varying types of hair so I was really happy that this worked with them all. Let me introduce you to the pets who are going to test the Furbliss brush before going further!

Three cute cats
From left side (top and bottom) to right: Archibald, Bonnie-Belle and Cornelius

Archibald (Archie): Coat type is long and wispy with no undercoat.

He’s a Birman and was abandoned by the pet store to a rescue due to a minor leg issue. Due to not being trained as a kitten and not getting enough love in a home environment, he is the Cattest of Cats. High energy, prey-drive and doesn’t like to be picked up, but will lie between your legs and go to sleep. Permanently a surly teen who has jealousy issues.

Bonnie-Belle (Bonnie): Coat type is short and slightly more wiry, with a dense, soft undercoat.

Named after a twist on the Candy Kingdom Monarch herself Bonnie is shy, sweet and loves us very, very much. She was found on the streets, too young to be away from momma and as a result, loves to lick anything she can find and hides from strangers. Since I’m Scottish and she’s from Quebecois, we decided to name her Bonnie-Belle because it’s the Scottish-French way of saying Bonnibel and it literally means pretty-beauty. She will lose her mind if you throw a cat toy spring for her.

Cornelius: Coat type is soft with an extremely thick, dense and fluffy undercoat that is prone to tangles.

He’s our senior gentlemen, coming with me all the way from Scotland and never leaving my side since. He’s the lover of the family, slightly nervous about new things at first, but curiosity quickly overcomes that and he adapts quickly. Nosy, wants to know everything. Struggles with his weight since life-saving surgery and stomach problems. Loves everyone and will let you cradle him like a baby. Loves tummy rubs.

Furbliss cat brush
He’s also the only one who’ll put up with this indignity. Cat Model of the year!
Onto the brush itself! All of my cats really enjoyed being brushed by it and the fact that it is very small and fits in your hand makes it easier to stealth brush, for cats that tend to attack long-handled brushes. It’s also made of a soft silicone, so I didn’t have to worry about them breaking their teeth when they tried to bite it. (Archie will bite every single brush no matter what, the other two don’t care, he just gets playful.)


Furbliss cat brush
It fits well in the palm of your hand and is flexible.

The only downside I saw to this brush is that it can build up static very quickly, so if your pet is prone to static, or you have weather that builds static easily, be aware of this.

One of the things I really loved about the Furbliss is that it has a second use. You can use it to take cat hair off of furniture and it does amazingly well at this. You can use a rubber glove to do the same thing, but less effectively and I prefer not to keep a pair specifically for this and honestly, it feels kind of gross. So I’m thrilled I have a brush that does this better. Flip it to the back side and give it a try.

Furbliss cat brush
That’s like 90% Archie and Cornelius hair right there.
I can definitely recommend the Furbliss Silicone Pet Brush! I felt like it worked best on Bonnie’s short, wiry coat with undercoat and was least effective against the wispy/no undercoat fur of Archie. He still loved being brushed by it though. I would recommend this for those with dogs, or cats with an undercoat.


Furbliss cat brush
He’s quiet and relaxed, enjoying the Furbliss.

If you’re interested in getting your own, you can buy it here  –

(Not an affiliate link or anything like that, though I did receive the brush for free to test.)

Brave Little Lion – Save Cornelius

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