5 Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day that won’t make you Vomit

Listen, I’m not one of those bitter, angry, single feminists (one out of four…). I feel very warmly about love. I’m definitely not anti-Valentine’s day. While I do think you should show love to your partner every day and I do have problems with the way it’s marketed, people in long term relationships get busy and it’s nice to have a day to remind you to make your partner(s) feel special.

Unique gifts for Valentine's BMO love Loquacious Lorna

However, I do have a huge problem with trying to find the perfect gift for my non-stereotype of a husband. Everything feels just a little bit…

Unique gifts for Valentine's cheesy lady Loquacious Lorna

No, I mean cheesy. I’m a die-hard romantic. I literally made more than four mix tapes for my husband every year of our relationship. I moved an entire country for a dude I met on the internet. I’m like the poster girl for ‘falls hard for love’.

But I also have a fun sense of humour and I really like stuff that isn’t so…boring and stereotypical.

So if you’re like me, click below to have a look at Five Unique gifts for Valentine’s Day that aren’t too cheesy pie.

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How to get free stuff on the internet Part 2: Cashback Apps

Use the Internet to Save Money on Your Groceries!


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Subtitle: How to feel better about paying tax on top of the listed price! (An ode to separate taxes)

Do you ever get to the checkout line after a productive grocery shop and watch all the items going by that you don’t remember adding to your cart? Do you wish there was some way to get something back every time you enter the den of evil to provide for your starving family? Maybe a way to stop your husband complaining about the high cost gourmet sausage you feed your dog while he resorts to eating scraps of leftover cosmetics.

Dinner dog Cashback Apps Loquacious Lorna
Well, I like the dog more than you, Bill; that’s why!                              (Credit to: Trevor Wintle)

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How to get free stuff on the internet Part 1

Product testing free internet Loquacious Lorna
Subtitle: Frugal and moneymaking advice for cheap losers like me

Hey don’t take offence, I’m a cheap loser too! Ask any Scottish person and they’ll tell you, we have a well deserved reputation for being frugal (thrifty, skinflints, cheapskites). Whatever you want to call it, I see it as a badge of pride. Recently, during a time off work for health reasons, I learned a lot more about the frugal lifestyle than even I had previously known. Several friends were curious about how I maintained my luxurious lifestyle.

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Pictured: My Luxurious Lifestyle (Photo by Jamiecat)

One of those way is product testing, so I decided to share that knowledge with you.

Keep in mind, that what works for me isn’t going to be the same for everybody. For a start, I’m in Canada, Quebec specifically, so I have a lot less options than most Canadians (outside Quebec) or Americans as many companies don’t take time to implement French or adhere to special laws for my province or country. So once you get into it, you might find some amazing sites or recommendations that I don’t list here! Feel free to drop ’em in the comments. Some people work and have less time, that’s ok, try things out and find what you have the time and the brain for, you might surprise yourself with how much money you save.

At the bottom of the article I’m also gonna be throwing down some handy tips to remember when getting your save on through the interwebs.

This week we’re going to be talking about Product Testing Opportunities! So, without further ado, here it is (in order of preference):

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