[loh-kwey-shuh s]



1.Talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering;babbling; garrulous:

‘a loquacious dinner guest.’

Who is Lorna?

My, what a stunning model like woman!

Montreal based Scot entering middle age as a chronically ill, Jill of all Trades, Gamer, Lumberjack Lovin’, Cat-owning weirdo with a camera shy husband. Blogs about, frugalness/reviews, beauty, video games, entertainment, technology, philosophy and DIY. (So basically a bit of everything)

Enjoys frugal tips and reviewing products for Influenster, Bzzagent and Klout as well as subscribing to and running reveals of popular Monthly subscription boxes like Lootcrate, Ipsy and Julep Maven.

Bonnie, the younger of the two cats.
The elusive Husband
Lion Cornelius
Actual Lion Cornelius

How to Contact

Contact by Email or by clicking any of the social media buttons on the main page.

More socially Loquacious Lorna spends time entering daily photo challenges on Instagram  and reblogging like it’s 2010 on Tumblr.

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