Loot Crate Reveal – February 2016 – Dead

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box costing $19.95 (US) a month which delivers assorted geekery and fandom goodies to its subscribers. It comes with an optional add-on of Lvl Up; giving further accessories for a separate payment.

Each month Loot Crate comes with a different theme. With the Deadpool movie hitting theatre’s and leaving people reeling like a particularly powerful fart February’s theme is Dead:

Banner Loot Crate Dead February Reveal Loquacious Lorna

You can watch the video unboxing here or at the bottom of the post. Continue on to see the reveal!

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5 Visually Stunning Movies About Love you must see


Love has been an inspiration to artists for decades, driving them to madness, ruin and sometimes against all odds; success. When it comes to filmakers, they aren’t an exception to this rule. Some of the most touching, highly lauded movies of our lifetime tell stories of love. Love is everywhere in cinema from the passionate romance of lovers, unable to be together to the guilty, sexually charged tale of an illicit affair between two people married to someone else. Even the deepest parts of a marriage, held together by little more than a thread of hope, have been shown on our screens to great effect.

Yet love is so much more than just romance or passion. There’s the love between a family, a father desperate to hold onto his children, two sisters standing shoulder to shoulder, protecting their own. Love is so unique and varied that it’s impossible not to be fascinated by it in each of it’s myriad forms. So in honor of St Valentine’s Day having just passed by let’s celebrate some visually stunning movies that probably wouldn’t exist without the theme that runs through them:


Visually stunning movies about love loquacious lorna
Credit for original image to: Priscila Tonon Ramos.

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Loquacious Lorna’s 10K Giveaway – Win Julep Nailpolish!

In honour of reaching 10,000 Page Views on my humble little blog, I am initiating Loquacious Lorna’s very first giveaway!!!

loquacious lorna giveaway julep nailpolish

loquacious lorna giveaway julep nailpolish

loquacious lorna giveaway julep nailpolish


loquacious lorna giveaway julep nailpolish

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Plus Size Montreal!

Fab fatties of Montreal, ASSEMBLE.

Plus Size Montreal Clothing Sale Post Loquacious Lorna
And lo there was much dancing and rejoicing.

Following a closet cleanout I have many things to sell, so before offering on the altar of sacrifical Ebayness I thought I’d give you local gals a pop at the swag. All are in perfect condition, only worn once or not at all. Many are imports from the UK. These were bought during a period of my life where I was pretty depressed so I bought clothes but didn’t wear them, lounging in sweats and my own sadness for most days. Happy to deliver to those who don’t have a car or answer any questions. If you’re interested in an item hit me up via social media (to the left), comment here or send me an email through my contact form.

Most items are women’s clothing, some are accessories and we have a few unisex items too. All have been washed if/when they were worn and come from a smoke-free house.

Click on the images for gigantic pictures where you can see every detail and most importantly:

Treat yourself Plus Size Montreal Clothing Sale Post Loquacious Lorna


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5 Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day that won’t make you Vomit

Listen, I’m not one of those bitter, angry, single feminists (one out of four…). I feel very warmly about love. I’m definitely not anti-Valentine’s day. While I do think you should show love to your partner every day and I do have problems with the way it’s marketed, people in long term relationships get busy and it’s nice to have a day to remind you to make your partner(s) feel special.

Unique gifts for Valentine's BMO love Loquacious Lorna

However, I do have a huge problem with trying to find the perfect gift for my non-stereotype of a husband. Everything feels just a little bit…

Unique gifts for Valentine's cheesy lady Loquacious Lorna

No, I mean cheesy. I’m a die-hard romantic. I literally made more than four mix tapes for my husband every year of our relationship. I moved an entire country for a dude I met on the internet. I’m like the poster girl for ‘falls hard for love’.

But I also have a fun sense of humour and I really like stuff that isn’t so…boring and stereotypical.

So if you’re like me, click below to have a look at Five Unique gifts for Valentine’s Day that aren’t too cheesy pie.

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