Loot Crate Reveal – January 2016 – Invasion

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box costing $19.95 (US) a month which delivers assorted geekery and fandom goodies to its subscribers. It comes with an optional add-on of Lvl Up; giving further accessories for a separate payment.

Each month Loot Crate comes with a different theme. With a new year, comes new loot and with great loot comes great responsibility! January’s theme is Invasion.

You can watch the video unboxing here or at the bottom of the post.

on January Reveal Loquacious Lorna Header
And with mediocre loot comes a deep, deep sense of shame…

Click below to reveal what was in the crate!

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How to get free stuff on the internet Part 2: Cashback Apps

Use the Internet to Save Money on Your Groceries!


pinterestbanner Cashback Apps Loquacious Lorna
Subtitle: How to feel better about paying tax on top of the listed price! (An ode to separate taxes)

Do you ever get to the checkout line after a productive grocery shop and watch all the items going by that you don’t remember adding to your cart? Do you wish there was some way to get something back every time you enter the den of evil to provide for your starving family? Maybe a way to stop your husband complaining about the high cost gourmet sausage you feed your dog while he resorts to eating scraps of leftover cosmetics.

Dinner dog Cashback Apps Loquacious Lorna
Well, I like the dog more than you, Bill; that’s why!                              (Credit to: Trevor Wintle)

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