Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation Review & Rate (BzzAgent)

  Thanks to Bzzagent I had the chance to try a new foundation from Covergirl Outlast and really, I needed it. We all know we’re supposed to dispose of our makeup after a certain amount of time, but up until this year I only wore makeup about once a year and it seemed a waste, so my current foundation is pretty old.

Pro Tip: If you prefer to skip straight to the rating and a handy list of pros and cons of the product, go to the bottom of the article!

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Video Blast – Bzzagent – Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

Covergirl Outlast Loquacious Lorna

I’ve been given the change to review a product for free, thanks to Bzzagent and Covergirl. Keep an eye out for my upcoming (as always, unbiased) review on what I thought about this foundation. This foundation has a lot of cool features to check out.

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Loot Crate Reveal – November 2015 – Combat.

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box costing $19.95 (US) a month which delivers assorted geekery and fandom goodies to its subscribers. It comes with an optional add-on of Lvl Up; giving further accessories for a separate payment. This month I’m subscribed to Lvl Up so look out for my reveal when it arrives! 

Each month Loot Crate comes with a different theme. November’s theme is Combat.

Loot Crate November Combat Loquacious Lorna

Click below to reveal what was in the crate!

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15 Cat Themed products you need in your life

Cat themed items Loquacious Lorna
As the owner of three cats, I don’t consider myself a cat person. I’ve always been an animal person. In fact, I used to be afraid of cats for quite a while after my grandmother’s cat bit me. My theory is that people who love animals can generally have great affection for any type of animal, they just need to learn how to be around them. In my case, with the notable exception of insects and arachnids. I have a massive phobia of those, I’m totally aware of how stupid it is, but it persists. Yes, even butterflies.


Bart butterfly Cat themed Loquacious Lorna
Nobody ever suspects the butterfly!

I digress; I love animals. Cats and dogs and many more. For some reason, though, cat printed stuff is always so much more adorable than stuff with doggy designs. So in no particular order, here are fifteen cat themed items that I need right this moment. Universe, are you listening? Send them to me!

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5 Must Have items for Indoor Cats

When adopting a cat for the first time, most people know the essentials such as food and water, but often overlook how much a cat actually needs. Quite a lot of times I hear people talk about how cats are easier to care for and more independent, but that is often not the case, especially for indoor cats. You can experience a lot of stressors from having a new indoor cat if you expected a bundle of love and got something more akin to living with an alien being.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. But keep in mind that you have only a little control over the personality of the cat you get and often cats personalities can change as they grow, especially if they are a kitten when you get them. Cat’s who’ve been abused can also develop particular quirks, so make sure you’re well researched before you bring you darling home with you.

So to ease off some of the planning burden at least, I’m going to list you five must have items for Indoor cats. Your mileage may vary in terms of cost and you certainly don’t need to buy the best of everything right away, but these items will make your life a lot easier and your cat a lot happier.

Cornelius relaxed must have new indoor cat loquacious Lorna
Look at how happy and relaxed this cute little fluffer is!

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Humble Monthly Bundle – November 2015 – Reveal and Rate

Humble Monthly Bundle – Did it deliver?

Humble Monthly Bundle is a new monthly service from awesome cheap game distributor Humble Bundle that features a selection of mystery games for a $12.99 price tag. Like many other gamers I was sceptical. Having been a buyer of the other Humble Bundles for under a year, I already had a Steam backlog of around four hundred games and wasn’t sure Humble could deliver on their promises of a good monthly bundle that I would like.

I was drawn in by the offer of a AAA game as I actually don’t have very many top tier titles on the PC yet and figured that Humble would give the best games in the first two months to draw Gamers in. Click on the cut to see if Humble Bundle was able to deliver or if it fell flat as predicted. Continue reading Humble Monthly Bundle – November 2015 – Reveal and Rate

Steam Gems – Coin Crypt Featurette

Steam Gems – Coin Crypt

This time I’m offering up a review on a Steam Gem from my own personal list of over 400 games. This Indie Title had me coming back again and again. It has ‘Very Positive’ Steam Reviews, but despite this not a lot of Gamers I talk to have heard of it.

Coin Crypt Loquacious Lorna Banner
Have you ever had the sneaking suspicious that your Grandma may be hiding something? If you did I’ve got something a heck of a lot more likely to amuse you than that terrible new M. Night Shyamalan movie. Coin Crypt is described as a rogue-lite deckbuilder, but don’t let that description fool you. What Coin Crypt actually is, is a monster in disguise; an unexpected, addictive little git that will worm it’s way into your heart and leave you wanting more. The Grandma? Well, we’ll get to that. As for Mr Shyamalan, I have only one one thing to say to that guy.

Tyra Rooting for you Loquacious Lorna
Never forget.


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